Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If The People Of Pakistan Can Do It So Can We!

The results of Pakistan general election are out and the opposition parties, against all odd, have dealt a severe blow to Musharraf’s ruling party. As at the time of writing this article, the late Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has secured 33.1% of the votes while Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League – N Party (PML-N) 27.5% and Musharrf’s Pakistan Muslim League – Q party (PML-Q) at a distant third with 14.4%. The combined seats of the National Assembly for both major opposition parties are currently at 139 out of the total 272, which are more than half than required to form the next government. It is believed that together with other opposition parties and independents, the opposition front is able to secure two-third majority in the National Assembly and thus are able to impeach President Musharraf.

“We want to put Pakistan back on the track of democracy, constitution and rule of law, and the restoration of sacked judges is a must to achieve this goal,” exclaimed one of PML-N’s spokeman.

I do not know about you, but I’m detecting some similarities here. A leader who will stop at nothing to retain his power, corrupt, abuse his power by employing all the state apparatus for his personal and party’s benefits, compulsive liar, collusion with the judiciary (and removal of judges who stood in his way), etc. etc. But despite all the hurdles, police and army brutalities, violence, intimidation, and what have you, the people of Pakistan have risen and spoken loud and clear that they want change in Pakistan and Musharraf and his goons are not part of that change.

We are at the moment going through the same harrowing experience, with a weak leader who is only good at burdening the people, police brutalities and corrupt, corrupt judges, biased and incompetent Election Commission, racists, cruel (with all kinds of repressive laws) etc. etc. THE QUESTION IS WHETHER THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA WILL STAND TALL AS THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN IN EMBRACING CHANGE! Quoting what Barack Obama, a US presidential hopeful has said “We are the CHANGE we have been waiting for!”, I believe the rakyat of Malaysia will rise to the occasion and will vote for the opposition (whoever they are) come 8th March 2008.

Anak Bapa: We must persevere against the mighty onslaught of the BN juggernaut whether in the form of promises, intimidation or bribery. We will close our eyes and ears to their lies and manipulations from their media until the voting day. We are going in numbers on 8th March 2008 with one intention, and one intention only, that is to vote for the opposition and kick BN out.

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